Windows .Net Framework 4.7 Crashing QuickBooks 

A Quick Update for those using Windows .Net and QuickBooks
Originally from   on Intuitive Account. July 24, 2017

Users are reporting they started having problems with QuickBooks crashing after installing a recent Windows .Net Framework (4.7) release from Microsoft. Microsoft started pushing out the release update for Windows .Net Framework 4.7 within the last week to 10 days.

After installing the recent Microsoft update(s), QuickBooks may produce an unrecoverable error or demonstrate other unexpected behavior.

You can check your Windows Updates from the Control Panel of your computer’s operating system (shown in the illustration below). Notice the update to Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7 for Windows (in the red box).

QuickBooks 2017 users may be able to install a critical fix patch update (R5_92) – what Intuit terms a ULIP (Ultra Light Patch) that doesn’t require an actual maintenance release update. Look for the ULIP on the F2 Product Information Window of your QuickBooks to see if you have the R5_92 patch (shown below).

If you don’t have the R5_92 version (or higher) check the Updates Window within QuickBooks. Look for the date of the last “Critical Fixes” updates – and the status.

If you haven’t had an update since the date of your Windows .Net Framework update (from Microsoft), you need to run QuickBooks updates for at least “critical fixes.” If you are unclear as to how to update QuickBooks, consult this document.

Intuit is recommending that if you have updated QuickBooks with the R5_92 patch update and the error(s) still persist, you should consider having a qualified IT professional revert .Net Framework the version prior to .Net 4.7 (probably .Net 4.6.2). Intuit further reports that many customers have resolved the QuickBooks errors by reverting back from .Net 4.7.

For further details, consult the Intuit QuickBooks Community Learn & Support webpage titled, “Unrecoverable Errors and other issues after Installing Microsoft Windows Updates.”

You can also contact QuickBooks Technical Support, but be aware that Technical Support cannot assist you with rolling back .Net 4.7.

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