Vendor Spotlight – TSheets

Regardless of how your business would like to track and manage employee time, TSheets has a solution.

Jonathan turned to TSheets when he needed a solution for tracking how much time, what kind of work, and notes he performed for clients. Attempting to keep it all straight and record it at the end of the day was costing him more time and creating errors and inefficiencies. Jonathan needed a system to capture all of this information at the source, and after several failed attempt with voice recorders and QuickBooks time sheets, he was introduced to TSheets a trade show, and it offered him the best solution.

While initial implementation wasn’t as smooth as he had hoped (it has improved since then), once established it provided high value. Using TSheets caused Jonathan to clean up his customer lists, clear out old balances, and enabled him not only to track his work, but that of his employees with higher accuracy and efficiency. Managing staff, billing and payroll all became easier. Sure there were a few rough spots, customizing which classes appeared only with relevant clients, assigning people and resources to clients during the initial setup, but TSheets provided customer support and helped Jonathan achieve his goals. TSheets was integrated into a developed workflow for new One 8 Solutions clients.

Jonathan spends far less time now on tracking his work, enabling him to focus on his clients and growing his business. Jonathan’s tip for using TSheets is to make sure you save your edits frequently, as you can lose them as you perform updates.

TSheets Website

“T-Sheets has improved my workflow by allowing me to capture information at the source and not after the fact. It is critical to the smooth operation of myself and my staff.” – Jonathan Bello



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