Training Your QuickBooks Puppy

Jonathan and Gunner

Many of you remember my Giant Schnauzer Buddha. I had him from Sept ’99 to Feb 2011. He was an important part of my life, going everywhere with me. I used to joke that I would not take on a client unless the office was dog friendly. Sometimes I thought some of my clients kept me as their IT services person because they liked Buddha so much (not sure what that says about me)!

Recently Jenn and I started thinking about adding a dog to our household. We talked to a contact who does fosters as Jenn really wanted a rescue vs buying a pure breed. Shortly after talking to Stephen he called and said he had a foster for us. Then the next day a Facebook friend, Lynn, who is a dog trainer and fellow Giant Schnauzer owner/lover let me know about a six month old male named Gunner. Gunner was too much for his owners to handle, being very smart and affectionate but extremely head strong. Lynn said nine on a scale of one to ten.

Gunner Likes Snow

I have a lot of experience training dogs, and some people have called me a dog whisperer. But I read very heavily and was lucky to have a professional trainer as part of my life to show me how to work with dogs.

So, how does this relate to QuickBooks? When people attend puppy or dog training it is not only to train the dog, but to train the owner on how to work with the dog. Over the course of my long career of setting up accounting systems I have seen way too many people take on an accounting solution, such as QuickBooks, without proper training. QuickBooks has to be trained to be effective for your business. You need to know the commands to make QuickBooks obedient to you. Like a puppy, learning how to work with QuickBooks will give you accurate information to run your business and an obedient accounting system.

That is why we provide both individual and classroom training, to help you get it right. We will be expanding the number of days and locations of our Desktop and Online Essentials classes. We will also be adding a special one hour training to help CPA/tax preparers to get familiar with the great tools that come with QuickBooks Online Accountant—

QuickBooks Online Accountant Training — On site training instructing accountants on how to take their practice online. Jonathan will show you how to use several tools, Online Apps, QuickBooks Online Accountant, and more, to take your practice to the next level. QuickBooks Online Accountant is a cutting edge Cloud tool for accountants to offer their services online to a larger audience, as well as improve their services to their current clients. If you would like to learn more, contact us and Jonathan will call you to discuss the direction you want to take your business and how these cloud tools can help.

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