Scaling New Heights 2017 Recap


I just recently returned from the most productive Scaling New Heights conference I have ever attended — I even got up early enough to make two 7 a.m. sessions. Another session I found particularly useful was the ‘Digital Myths’ talk.

This year’s theme was Facing Your Yeti which really resonated with me. Joe Woodard — the man behind Scaling New Heights and an industry leader — is also an emotional, passionate man like me, and I really felt at home with that aspect of myself this year. I truly feel like I have overcome my own Yeti and am nearing the end of one journey. I started down this path back in 2012 after a particularly bad year, which then prompted some changes and a new focus for me.

Now my business is thriving, I’ve been named to the Top 100 Insightful QuickBooks ProAdvisors, and I’m doing more of what I love — helping my clients. I have many more goals of course; I want to make the Top 10 and top Firm of the Future in years to come.

I had two goals going into Scaling New Heights this year. I wanted to finalize my Value Pricing model and develop my network of industry connections to expand my knowledge base and foster relationships. I knocked both out of the park. I found a great resource to provide the polish to my pricing model, and I was able to have some great camaraderie and information exchange.

I was also a panelist on a session working with Value Pricing Case Studies that was very interesting. I enjoyed sharing my successes with my assessments and learning more about how others structure their Value Pricing. It was fun being up on stage.

I am better positioned than ever to do more for my clients and continue advancing my business. Plugged into the Intuit network and my fellow ProAdvisors, I know what resources are out there to help my clients, and what changes and features are just around the bend. I can provide my clients with great rates on products, merchant services, and I can provide more informed business consulting.

My drive comes from my emotion, and over the past five years I have honed that passion to build my firm into a QuickBooks leader in the Boston area.

Overall, it was a terrific experience. Check out the pictures from the conference below, and keep your eye on One 8 News and for continuing developments in the future!





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