QuickBooks® Online Interface Changes are Across-the-Board

Part Four in a series of QuickBooks® Online 2017 Changes.

December brought a holiday gift from Intuit — a shiny new QuickBooks® Online interface. Simplified and more efficient, Intuit will be rolling out this new look across all of their QuickBooks online products, including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online Accountant, QuickBooks Self-Employed, and other Inuit products working within the QuickBooks® Online environment.

The Shiny New Interface Overhaul is Across-the-Board with QuickBooks® Online products.

On a final note, a reminder that it isn’t just the primary (QBO) QuickBooks® Online product that’s receiving a makeover, but the entire QuickBooks´Online family . This includes (QBOA) QuickBooks® Online Accountant, and services for PayRoll and Invoicing, as well as their latest new product designed for independent Contractors, (QBSE) QuickBooks® Self-Employed.

QBOA and the new QBSE Embrace the Changes

If you’re a QuickBooks expert yourself — perhaps a ProAdvisor like Jonathan, then you’re likely using QuickBooks Online Accountant (QBOA), and you’ve seen the interface and visual changes  we’ve been talking about. New options, new search features, and new ways to communicate well with your clients and colleagues!

If you have Independent Contractors connected directly to your QBOA account through Intuit’s latest online family offering QuickBooks Self Employed (QBSE), this may be their first time using a QBO product. We can help them, and you, with some of the ins and outs of Intuit’s newest QBO family member.

Upcoming Article — Full Review of QBSE

Next month, we’ll be reviewing QuickBooks Self Employed in great depth — and looking to possible changes and updates in the future. Whether you want more information before recommending it, or you’re already using it and need a deeper look, we’ll cover a wide spectrum of topics reviewing QBSE.

Be sure to catch it — and all of our articles — here at One 8 News, and find us on Facebook (@One8Solutions), LinkedIn (/in/One8Solutions) and Twitter (@one8solutions).

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