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Big Two Weeks

Two years ago Intuit came out with an Advanced Certification for QuickBooks Online. I was excited that they came out with it, but was hesitant about taking it. I remember the amount of time and effort I had invested in taking the QuickBooks Desktop Advanced Certification. It was a difficult test and sometimes I felt it didn’t test my knowledge or expertise, but simply jumping through Intuit’s hoops. Many of the questions were very subjective in nature.

Based upon that experience I was reluctant to take the new QBOA Certification. When I attended the first QuickBooks Connect Conference (QBCC), I spent a whole day attending the first ever class for it and if you know me, sitting a whole day in a class is tough! I then repeated it last year, so I promised myself that I would complete it before this year’s QBCC. I also pride myself being highly certified, it displays a high level of commitment to Intuit and providing my clients with the most up to date information. There are many events that Intuit is having to promote QuickBooks Online and I have thrown my hat into the ring letting them know I am interested in doing them.

So, as of Friday, October 21, 2016 I completed the 5-part exam and now can proudly display this shield!


Intuit QuickBooks Advanced Online Certification

QuickBooks Connect in San Jose!
This week I am attending my 3rd, and the 3rd annual, QuickBooks Connect Conference. This conference is very important to me for a lot reasons:
  • I get to network/socialize and learn from some of the best ProAdvisors in the world.
  • I get to learn from great thought leaders.
  • I continue to build my relationship with executives and the people in the trenches at Intuit.
  • I see new and established APPS that extend the functionality of QBO.
  • While there is a lot of work, I will alo have a lot of fun!
But the most important reason is that this conference has set the direction of One 8 Solutions! In the past 4 years, we have moved from IT services focus to a QuickBooks setup/implementation/training focus to providing exemplary Accounting/Bookkeeping service focus that emphasizes QuickBooks Online.





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