QBSE Review Part 4: QuickBooks Self Employed Final Thoughts

In Part 4 of the full QBSE Review article: QuickBooks Self Employed: An Honest Freelancer’s Review, we wrap it all up and summarize the experience.

Final Thoughts on my free trial with QuickBooks Self-Employed.

If Freelancers can find our way past the simplicity, and also limitation, of QBSE’s importing, categorization and invoicing features, we at least need the ability to easily break things down client by client, or project by project. This is essential if this is to be a tool not just for the tax professional we connect with through QBOA, but also for the assumed end user — in this case, moi.

Not the QuickBooks solution I was looking for.

Especially as a standalone solution, I don’t see QBSE working for me, and likely not many Freelance Designers and Developers. The very mingling of our personal and business through our accounts suggests the best solution for us is one that handles both personal and business needs — even if doing so simply, and with a focus on tax season.

It’s terrific to see tax preparation disappear into the simple actions of categorizing your income and expenses in accordance with a Schedule C, as you move through the year. However, I can do that with any budgeting software, by setting these as parent categories above those I prefer to use daily.

Even if using QBSE as a business-related expense and income solution only, I would still be missing the higher level of features and customization that would allow this to be a standalone product for that purpose.

But a reliable way to get ready for tax season

If you don’t require many options for invoicing, generally work with one or few clients throughout the year, and tend not to concern yourself with detailed categories and reporting, than this could be a perfect, fast solution to keep the tax season bogeyman off your back.

With all of your accounts synced automatically after setup — and your gathering tax information securely available whenever or wherever you need it — QuickBooks Self Employed is designed as much for the QBO Accountant user as it is the QBSE. This connection is I think, what’s really at the heart of this product — essentially a QBOA addon that’s had a chance to walk on it’s own.

One 8 Solutions News QBSETrial

The full QuickBooks Online Product may be a better Solution

At this point, you may be considering any number of alternatives to QBSE — and they’re out there — but looking for a single solution is the biggest difficulty. If you like the security of connecting directly with your accountant through QBOA, and you have enjoyed QuickBooks Desktop Products in the Past, perhaps you’re a candidate for the full QuickBooks Online (QBO).

Try it yourself — they’ve a free trial, and a discounts on purchases.

You can’t really go wrong with free.

A final note after publishing this article with One 8 Solutions: 

If you’ve read this and you still don’t know if QuickBooks Self Employed is right for you — you can always give the trial a try for yourself. But remember —

Current discounted QBO family prices will not be available to you if you’ve taken the free 30 days. Need guidance? Give One 8 Solutions a call, and get the expertise you need to provide the best advice possible.

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