QBSE Review Part 1: An Introduction to QuickBooks Online Self Employed

This introduction to the latest member of the QBO family, QuickBooks Online Self Employed (QBSE) is Part 1 of the full QBSE Review article: QuickBooks Self Employed: An Honest Freelancer’s Review. 

Accounting Solutions, they are a plenty.

I’ve been a freelance Graphic Designer for more than a decade, and have tried a variety of budgeting and tax preparation software in that time.

Finding a complete solution that wasn’t bloated beyond my needs has been the largest challenge.

In recent years, as more companies offer SAS (Software as a Service) both reliably and securely, I’ve kept my eye on Intuit’s QuickBooks Online and a this year’s offering, QBSE —QuickBooks Self-Employed for small business owners. Both of these use Cloud Computing as a modern solution to the collection, syncing and securely sharing of client data, and their UX has been updated.

 There are many options today for freelancers to choose from for our personal and business accounting solutions. Finding a complete solution that wasn’t bloated beyond my needs has been the largest challenge. 

An honest review of a 30-day free trial.

One 8 Solutions News QBSETrialThis isn’t a direct comparison to any of those products, some of which are themselves Intuit-owned. This is also not an in-depth review of each of QBSE’s features.  

This is my honest review of the one-month trial they offer, and how it did and did not work for me — as that complete solution.

What exactly is QuickBooks Self-Employed?

QuickBooks Self-Employed is similar to Intuit’s full QBO product, with a different level of options and customizations, and a focus specifically on self-employed individuals.

One 8 Solutions QBSE Intro

Here’s a few of some of the things you can do with QBSE:

  • Securely import transactions from a variety of bank account types
  • Categorize your income and expenses for Schedule C reporting
  • Calculate and pay quarterly estimated taxes
  • Track business profit and loss (for the last 6+ years)
  • Record business related mileage
  • Sync directly to your Accountant (when they use QBOA)
  • Invoice clients and receive secure payments through QBSE

Self-Employed-Logo -wide

Next week in Part 2:

Next week we’ll go over all of these features in more detail — and begin to discuss a little of what QBSE isn’t.
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