Recap of QB Connect and the Intuit Reseller Meetings

I returned from the QB Connect conference in San Jose on Saturday 10/29 on the red eye. After a quick return home via my client Kenny’s Car — from airplane door to home in 20 minutes! — I jumped into bed for a few hours, and then I was off to Westport for a family Baht Mitzvah.

Since then it’s been a grind catching up with the issues that arose while I was away, as well as the new projects in motion. I’m finally able to sit and gather my thoughts and insights on both the QB Connect Conference and the Intuit Reseller Meetings.


Some quick highlights:

  • Users of QuickBooks Online grew 60% from 1 million to 1.6 million users
  • Intuit announced integration of QuickBooks Self Employed with My Accountants Portal
  • TSheets has direct integration into QuickBooks Online
  • Better Paypal and Square integration
  • Apple Pay integration
  • Follow The Money With SmartInvoice
  • AMEX Working Capital Integration
  • Google (G Suite) Integration
  • Stay Organized With AutoExpense

The most important take away!
The Uberization of Accounting Services.

So I have been reluctant participate in the new “Share” economy. I have been reluctant to use Uber because they have hurt one of my clients, Kenny’s Car, and my girlfriend’s sister owns a great B&B in Berryville, VA (Waypoint House B&B) and AirBnB’s don’t have to meet the same regulatory/inspections/taxes that Waypoint does. The same goes for Uber and Kenny’s Cars.

When attending QuickBooks Connect Conferences in the past I was forced to use AirBnB — because the renting of an apartment/condo was so much more economical — especially as all I do is sleep there. I took taxis from the airport and back.

“So now I am believer, and will be soon offering Value Pricing to my clients.”

This year I have been suffering from some foot issues and was going to take a taxi back to my AirBnB and I decided to give Uber a try. Besides the fact the cars were nicer, what really hit me is I knew the price of my ride before I got in. I didn’t have to worry about being taken the long way (as the taxis do sometimes), getting stuck at lights or heavy traffic. The price was established before I got in and I had a choice to take it or not.

For three years I have been listening to the experts telling me that my practice needs to offer “value pricing” which is a fixed price for a set of services that are of value to my client. Every client values different things so each client gets a specific price for what they want.

So now I am believer and will be soon offering Value Pricing to my clients. No more keeping track of hours and billing by the hour. No more sending bills at the end of the month and waiting to get paid. No more of my client wondering how big the invoice will be. They will be able to work with me to establish the value of the work we do and budget for it monthly.

It is a painful transition from Time & Materials billing to Value Pricing, but 2017 is going to be the year I move to it!

Wish me luck!

– Jonathan

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