New QuickBooks Online Certification Coming March 2018

Original article found on the Firm of the Future Blog, and written by Naveena Bereny

QuickBooks® Online Certification is a pillar of the free ProAdvisor Program and empowers accounting professionals to confidently advise small businesses, demonstrate their expertise and connect with new clients. Last year, more than 27,000 ProAdvisors got certified and shared how beneficial the training and certification bolstered their confidence to help their clients and practices prosper.

We’ve also heard from you, our valued partners, about ways we can make the program even better. We know your time is at a premium, that you want flexibility in how and when you learn, and that staying on top of what’s new in QuickBooks Online is a key priority.

Well, we have good news for you! The wait is nearly over for a revamped QuickBooks Online Certification that further enhances your expertise. Are you ready to learn more? Here’s a preview of what’s coming this March:

Redesigned ProAdvisor Tab

This transformation starts with a redesigned ProAdvisor tab in QuickBooks Online Accountant. It will provide easy access to your ProAdvisor benefits, such as ProAdvisor support, exclusive discounts, QuickBooks Desktop software downloads (for Deluxe and Premium ProAdvisors) and other resources. From here, you can access the revamped training and certification tab to learn, get certified, and track your progress all in one place. Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect:

Improved Scenario-Based Learning Experience

You told us you wanted more meaningful training to drive even greater confidence using QuickBooks Online. The new certification training was updated to be more situational and scenario-based to provide better learning, while also helping you prepare for the certification exam. The new recommended certification path also includes an optional “Introduction to QuickBooks Online for Accountants” training course for ProAdvisors who are new to QuickBooks Online, but can also serve as a good refresher of the basics for more seasoned ProAdvisors.

Simplified Recertification Process

We’re introducing significant changes to our program designed to simplify the process to keep your certification updated every year. Currently, QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisors must take the full certification exam each year to maintain certification status. Starting in March 2018, the process gets a lot simpler! QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisors will only need to complete a shorter recertification exam focused on what has changed in QuickBooks Online since the prior exam. And, to help you prepare for this recertification exam, an optional “What’s New” training will be available. We believe that this new straightforward process will help you stay current and confident in the changes in the product.

Common Annual Renewal Date for Recertification: July 31

The new recertification exam will be available in March and has a completion deadline of July 31, 2018. This common renewal date makes it simpler for everyone to remember and plan for it. All current QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisors must complete the recertification exam by this date to maintain their Certification status.

We recognize that some ProAdvisors have recently completed certification and that it may be a hardship to recertify before a full calendar year is up. But, much has changed in QuickBooks Online since the current exam was launched in October 2016, and it is our intent to help ProAdvisors feel confident using and advising clients on the latest product and enhancements. This is a one-time adjustment to certification requirements and we hope you will value the opportunity to update your skills and keep your certification current through July 31, 2019.

Expand Your Expertise With New Specialty Training

Finally, we will be introducing Specialty training to expand your expertise across the ecosystem of QuickBooks’ products and services. The first offering, QuickBooks Self-Employed, will help you serve Schedule C clients more effectively and efficiently. And, we have more great specialty courses planned – so stay tuned!

What Does This Mean for Me?

  • If you are currently QuickBooks Online Certified: Mark your calendar for July 31, 2018 – the deadline to complete the recertification exam to maintain your certification status and benefits.
  • If you are in progress on any QuickBooks Certification, including QuickBooks Online: All QuickBooks Certifications (including QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online Advanced) are being migrated as part of this update. Please complete in-progress exams by 11:59 pm, PST, on Feb. 28, 2018.
  • If you are not yet QuickBooks Online certified: You can either wait until the new certification is available in March or complete the current certification now and then recertify on what’s new by July 31, 2018.

Any other questions? Visit this article for more details and FAQs.

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