QuickBooks Online Design Changes for 2017 New Menu

New Navigation and Search Features for QuickBooks® Online

Part Three in a series of QuickBooks® Online 2017 Changes.

Simplified and more efficient, Intuit will be rolling out this new look across all of their QuickBooks online products, including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online Accountant, QuickBooks Self-Employed, and other Inuit products working within the QuickBooks® Online environment.

A New Way of Navigating QuickBooks® Online

QuickBooks® Online also has a new Navigation approachmore focused, more right-aligned, and cleaner (and with more green and grey and less blue, continuing their contemporary UI).

A look at the differences between the old and new Navigation:

The previous Navigation layout:

QuickBooks Online Design Changes for 2017 New Menu

The New QuickBooks® Online Navigation:

QuickBooks Online Design Changes for 2017 New Menu

All navigation buttons have been moved to the right side, which includes the Create button. Immediately noticeable to previous users will be the change in the color scheme of the Navigation Bar. In keeping with the overall interface scheme change, the navigation bar is now grey rather than dark blue, and your selected options will be in bold face. There is also now a dark green vertical bar to the left of the option you’ve chosen, which highlights it well.

Primary buttons such as the New customer button at the right will now be green, instead of blue, showing consistency with their overall UI change. (Numbers correspond to image above.)

  • Top Navigation Buttons: All navigation buttons moved to the right. Selected buttons turn green.
  • Recent transactions: Recent transactions have been combined with the search transactions menu under the magnifying glass.

In addition, the Search feature has also been updated. The new Search with QuickBooks® Online is cleaner and more readable, with Advanced search options handy.

The previous Search layout:

QBO Old Search layout .

The New QuickBooks® Online Search Interface:

QuickBooks® Online New Search Features

Over the coming weeks you’ll see more updates to all related products, as the goal at QuickBooks® is to have a fully in-sync User Experience and Interface. They’re well on their way with these terrific changes released in December — and as soon as more changes come round, we’ll be sure to share the with you!

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