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Client Spotlight – KNK Landscaping

KNK Landscaping specializes in all phases of the landscape industry. They handle small jobs with pleasure and also tackle a large project with ease by putting each project into 4 easy steps:

  1. Design
  2. Supply
  3. Build
  4. Maintain

Some of their biggest clients are development & investment companies building projects all in Massachusetts. Other Customers are other landscape companies who purchase supplies from them.

KNK uses quickbooks because of how mobile it is and the easy interface, almost like Facebook which manager Ken Keegan grew up on so it is a familiar interface for him. Ken also enjoys that QuickBooks is a one stop service, handling everything from payroll and sales tax liability to the accounting to merchant services and time sheets etc. Almost every aspect of KNK Landscaping is run through quickbooks. Workers clock into and out, bills are paid electronically, invoices are sent out, all through QuickBooks. KNK DOES NOT use the USPS for mailing invoices. The reports QuickBooks produces are also very important if you want to be intimate with your business. Ken knows his company’s numbers, how much he needs to earn to make his goals. Because of QuickBooks, he never does a job that he does not make money on. As Kenneth says, “it just doesn’t happen.”
One 8 Solutions helps KNK in a variety of ways, functioning as the “Back Office” for the company. Kenneth says “Jonathan is my business coach…keeping me compliant with different policy and laws.” Jonathan also helps KNK with payroll, sales tax, and tax liability.

When asked by other landscapers how he does it, one thing Ken will tell them is outsourcing his accounting. His first recommendation is to call Jonathan and get their back office into shape. Ken feels confident knowing Jonathan cares about the success of his business.

“A wise man, and mentor of mine once said. ‘THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF BUSINESS is THE BUSINESS!!’ In my words you can be the best landscaper, but that doesn’t mean anything if you can’t run a business. Jon and the One 8 team helps put people on the right track.” – Ken Keegan

Ken Keegan
(617) 462-3644
KnK Companies
P.O Box 182
Norwood, MA

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