Invite a Contractor to Add Their Own 1099 Tax Information

Intuit is excited to offer a new way to request important tax info from your contractors.

When you add a contractor to QuickBooks, you can invite them to add their own details and you’ll get the info you need to file their 1099s. There’s no need to gather and enter the info yourself.

Plus, your contractors will get a free version of QuickBooks so they can safely submit their details and view their 1099s online. It’s simple, it’s secure, and it’ll save you time.

Note: If the contractor upgrades QuickBooks, they’ll need to purchase a subscription.

Ways to invite your contractor

When you add the contractor to QuickBooks, be sure to check the invite box and enter a correct email address for the invitation. Here’s how:

  1. In QuickBooks, go to Workers, and then select Contractors.
  2. Add your first contractor and then enter the contractor’s name and email address. Double-check to make sure the email address is correct and in the right format.
  3. Select the Invite your contractor box.
  1. Click Add contractor. We’ll create the contractor’s profile in your QuickBooks account and send an invitation to the email address you provided.

What contractors see when you invite them

      • We send an email from your business to your contractor.
      1. When the contractor adds their details, we’ll prompt them to create a free QuickBooks account of their own. This account allows them to safely submit their tax info to your QuickBooks.
      1. Next, we’ll prompt the contractor to answer a few simple questions in a substitute W-9 form.

      1. Once the contractor selects Finish, the info is saved and then submitted to your QuickBooks account.

Filing 1099s will be much easier because you’ll already have the info you need. And contractors can use their free QuickBooks account to access their tax info and view their 1099 at tax time.

Original story from Intuit QuickBooks blog.

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