2017 in Review — many highs, one big low.

2017 was the year when I really began to be happy that I live in the Metro Boston area — until this last nasty cold snap.

For years I’ve liked living here, but I was always thinking about where else I could live. In 2017, I realized that Boston is a really great place to live. The economy, like a lot of places, is going gangbusters, but one thing that makes me think it won’t stop is the massive projects still in building phase:

  • Wynn Casino
  • Green Line extension
  • Children’s Hospital
  • New hotel in Seaport
  • 3 new residential towers
  • Harvard Allston expansion

Not only is there the building boom, but Boston also has:

  • Higher education
  • Start-ups – Boston’s Innovation District in the Seaport
  • Bio tech
  • Financial services
  • Travel & hospitality

2017 found the changing of One 8 Solutions from an IT services firm to a QuickBooks-based Accounting Services firm.

I’ve closed down the last vestiges of my Managed Services, and am no longer taking IT services calls. I have established some great partnerships with a few IT services companies, so I can refer you to a firm that will be a good fit.

That was just one of the goals achieved this past year, some of the other goals achieved:

  • Being named to the Top 100 ProAdvisor list
  • Published 2 articles
  • Confirmed as an Instructor at 2018 Scaling New Heights
  • Significant revenue and net income growth

On the personal side:

  • Lots of home improvements:
    • Added a gas fireplace to my 3-season room and it has changed how we use my house. Many thanks to my clients who provided the following services:
      • The Fireplace Guys – The fireplace
      • Next Day Moulding – Baseboards and doors
      • Mal Elfmans – wood flooring and finishing
    • Resided 2 sides of my house – new shingles
  • Our Giant Schnauzer Gunner is getting out his puppy phase – yay!
  • 2 great nephews joined our family
  • The loss of my dad Irving Bello at the age of 95 – I am proud to say that my father finally got to see me become a productive/hardworking individual after years of watching me put fun in front of responsibility.

So, 2018 should be a wonderful year.

For those who don’t know, One 8 Solutions is a derivative of the Hebrew letter Chai which has the number 18 associated with it. It is associated with “Life” such La Chaim or “To Life”. My Grandfather (Paternal) was named Hyman and he lived to 88 years old. This is also the Jewish calendar 5778, so lots of numerical symbolism. In the end, I hope it translates to a successful year for all of us!


I want to thank my team (Andy, Julie, Kara, Rico and Darrell) for their contributions and most importantly the support of my girlfriend Jenn  I could not have achieved what I have without them.

Happy New Year!

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